Saturday, March 31, 2007

This is gross!

Well, I finally decided to get on the bandwagon and share my mobile home adventures via the WWW. Today, I went to see yet another mobile home. (I've seen over 100 already!) The inside needed a little bit of work. Problem was the electric and water was shut off so I couldn't test it out. But, the MAJOR problem was the outside. All of the wood on the outside of the home was rotting really bad. So, it needed a COMPLETE overhaul of wood replacement all around the house. In addition, it was totally cracking. It would be very risky for a mover to move this home. Here are a few pics:

Here you can see the moisture seeping thru the rotted wood.

So, I consulted w/a few of my fellow investors. People who have replaced rotted wood in the past say it's a PAIN to do and ends up costing more $ and time. PLUS, this thing needs to be moved which costs more $ and needs A/C recycled, not to mention plumbing and electrical hookups. Eeeek! Looks like it's going to cost more $ and time. I'm going to pass and move on to the next one. Thing is about this business, there are SO many! So far, I've got a few pieces of the puzzle. I've got parks to work with and lots to fill. Now, I just need to find a descent home to place them on. Off to the next one...