Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bug Alert!

Sometimes this business requires you to get down and dirty - literally. Recently, I had a trailer cleaned out. While the cleaning crew was there, I noticed there were a lot of flys hovering over the carpet. I mean a lot of flys, like 30 of them - seriously. So, I ask my cleaning crew about the flys. They told me they weren't sure why they were there - maybe there was some food in the carpet. I planned to have the carpet cleaned professionally after the trailer clean out.

I decided to seek some professional counsel - aka another park manager. The park manager told me it has to be food or something in the carpet. She advised me to fumigate the entire house with "fogger" (see the pic below) before the carpet cleaners came to clean the carpet so the bugs would be dead on arrival.

So, I took the park manager's advice - fumigated the entire house with "fogger." Basically, "fogger" comes in a spray can and you set it down in each room in the middle and it begins spraying the stuff that kills the bugs dead. I was kind of freaked out about it as I thought it was like bombing the house and wasn't sure how much time I'd have to get out. But, it was no big deal. Once you start it, it sprays slowly and you've got some time to get out of the house. I did this for each room in the home.

In any case, I came back after a couple days so that I could meet the carpet cleaners. Guess what I found? Check this out:

It was crazy! It wasn't just one, but a bunch of these things dead all over the house! Yuck! Guess they were hiding. And, yes those flys died instantly too.

In any case, the carpet cleaners came and cleaned the carpet. I've found it better to clean carpets rather than replace them using an awesome carpet cleaning company referred to me by a park manager - they do wonders with carpets. Even if the carpet is really dirty, they take it out using a special machine to steam clean the carpet.

So, lesson learned. Guess I always learn something new with this business. It's all worth it, even if I have to get down and dirty from time to time!