Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sea Container Homes!

Wow, check this video out - it's crazy. They are making homes and buildings out of the sea containers that are used for storage when shipping things. Pretty fancy stuff!

Baby Steps

I've been asked the question about "how to get started" time and time again by many people wanting to get into investing. In all honesty, what separates the people who are successful from the rest is taking action. Yes, education is important. But, you can only learn so much. Most of the stuff I have learned through experience - out in the field.

I guess what I've learned the most is the small successes are the most important - aka getting over your first deal or making your first offer. Through small successes, you build confidence and get the experience for larger successes.

I still remember my first deal in this business - I was terrified that my offer would not be accepted and the park manager would not allow me to work in the park. I had to coach myself beforehand (aka positive reinforecement).

But, you know what? I got over it.

I learned the most important skill I could have in this business is not how much experience I have or how many deals I've done. The most important skill for me is my ability to connect with people - get them to like me, establish trust, and master the power of influence at the same time making a win/win situation for everyone.

Now, that I think about it - it's really about having people skills. Business is about people. No matter how much technology we have in the future - it all comes down to people. And people like doing business with people they like and trust.

I continue to improve my people skills and read up on sales and marketing skills in order to improve myself. Robert Kiyosaki, author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," mentioned if you're planning to run a business you need to know how to sell. It is so true.

So, no this stuff does not happen overnight. The people who want to get rich quick really never last in this business. It requires commitment for the long haul because after all nothing happens overnight. Success comes to those who work at it and continue despite the obstacles.