Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Video: Demolishing A Trailer

"You know you've hit bottom when the best way to increase your house value is to tear it down. For years, I have lived in a cabin which was attached to a 12 X 70 mobile home (otherwise known as a trailer). I haven't used the trailer in years because it was falling apart. It leaked. It had toxic mould. Finally, my brother, Dangerous Dan, took the initiative and tore it down. For all we know, the place could actually sell! I bought the place for $99,000 in 2001. It came with five acres around it. Now my brother owns it. I am often asked why I don't tear the whole thing down and build a new house. I've wanted to. For years. But to do so, I would have to pay $15,000 in building taxes. Build a new septic: $15,000. Dig a new well: $10,000 at least."

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LLnL said...

Yikes to the video.

I've never owned a home before and thought about trying the to buy a trailer or manufactured home first. I am very interested in learning why you took this route. TTYL

mobilehomegurl said...

Thanks, LLnL. Glad you enjoyed the video and the site!