Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mobile Home Investing 101: Tip of the Week

(Note: From time to time, I'll post up mobile home investing tips to help with your mobile home investing endeavors).

Central Air Conditioning (A/C) Vs. Window Air Conditioning (A/C) Units

Most of the mobile homes I've encountered (but not all) have all had central a/c units - a big luxury for any mobile homeowner. Though, this may be rare when buying the older used mobile homes (typically 80s and older).

Most of the time, the older mobile homes will have window a/c units instead of central a/c. So, then you are faced with either keeping the old window a/c units or providing a new central a/c unit.

In my experience, it's best to keep the original infrastructure in place. The home may not be equipped to handle new technology such as a new central a/c unit. Plus, this can be very costly. In my area alone, it costs at least $1600 for a new central a/c unit to be replaced and installed. (I recommend comparing repair costs in your area - costs vary from area to area).

If you choose to keep the existing infrastructure in place, you may encounter some resistance from potential buyers. I've had people ask why there is no central a/c unit in the past. How do I handle that question?

Basically, I tell them the window a/c units may actually save them money in energy costs since most times it takes less energy to use them. Then, I explain to them that a central a/c unit may cool other parts of the home that is not being occupied and/or used thus utilizing more money in energy costs. When potential buyers hear this, most times they agree especially in these economical times when every penny counts.

(If you would like to read up more on mobile home repair, I highly recommend these books).

Happy investing!

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