Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mobile Home Repair - Subfloor Repair

I've received a lot of questions regarding how to go about replacing flooring in mobile homes. Usually, most of the floors in mobile homes are made out of particle board, which usually wears down and breaks easily over time. In most cases, it's better to have a more solid type of wood as your flooring such as plywood.

As for replacing flooring in mobile homes, if there are only a few soft spots in the floor - you don't have to replace the whole thing. What you can do is pinpoint the soft spots by cutting out the damaged area(s) and replacing them with plywood - this is what's referred to as subfloor repair.

To help see how this is done, check out this video.

(If you're interested in reading and learning more about mobile home repair, I highly recommend these books).

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neonguy528 said...

Nice blog.

Mobile Home Gurl said...

Thanks for stopping by, glad you like it!

bob said...

HI what is the best plywood to use if you are replacing an entire room or hte whole home's subflooring?

Mobile Home Gurl said...

Hi Bob,

I'd definitely recommend getting a sturdy type of plywood if replacing an entire room's subfloor. You may want to check with your local hardware supply store as the best type. Here's a link that has some info on plywood and types of wood to use in subflooring:

Hope that helps, thanks for stopping by!