Thursday, July 29, 2010

Book Review: "Making Money with Mobile Homes"

(Note: Recently, I've had a lot of folks contact me asking what the difference between some of Lonnie's as well as other mobile home investing materials out there and which one I'd recommend the most. So, I've decided to go ahead and start a new series of posts - book reviews).

"You should never let the mail carrier pass your house without leaving a check."

- Lonnie Scruggs

In my last book review of Lonnie Scruggs' book, "Deals on Wheels," I highly recommended it for those who are just getting started and learning about mobile home investing.

For those who have already read this book, his latest book "Making Money with Mobile Homes" is yet another good read.

Many have asked me what the difference is between the two books, "Deals on Wheels" vs. "Making Money with Mobile Homes." I would say the main difference is the viewpoint and style of each book.

In "Deals on Wheels," Lonnie really focuses on the concept of mobile home investing (it's advantages) as well as the nuts and bolts (aka the "how to") involved. On the other hand, "Making Money with Mobile Homes," is more of a book filled with more stories and ideas based on the same concept.

Comparing the two books, I would say "Deals on Wheels" is more of a "how to" guide while "Making Money with Mobile Homes" is built on more stories and ideas based on experience.

What I enjoyed about "Making Money with Mobile Homes," was the stories. There were stories I could relate to and there were new stories that gave me ideas. However, I would say this book is for those who have already familiarized themselves with the mobile home business as a whole.

(Note: For those who have not read "Deals on Wheels" yet, I highly recommend reading it first).

For those who are familiar with the mobile home business, it's definitely a relatable book. There are so many stories that I could relate to while reading the book. And, there are new stories that gave me ideas on how and what I can do to improve - it gave me ideas on other options out there.

Some folks don't like it when books have too many stories - I have heard some call Lonnie's materials full of "fluff." But, you know what? That's how we learn - through stories and experiences.

I could read all the "how to" guides in the world. But, if there are no stories and experiences I probably would not be as interested and would not learn as much.

Just like in the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," we all enjoy a good story. Stories make things interesting, stories intrigue us. Without stories, I find those types of books to be dry and not as interesting.

So, if you're really interested in the mobile home world or if you're already in the business and want to learn more, I definitely recommend this book.

Happy investing!

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