Thursday, November 11, 2010

Business 101: Who Has the Most Interest In Your Business?

Who has the most interest in your business? Good question. Check out the video to find out, thanks for watching!

Video Link

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Shae Bynes said...

"Sometimes...I gotta hustle."
Speak the truth, Rachel!

Anonymous said...

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Mobile Home Gurl said...

(Shae) Hey, thanks Shae! :) This story reminds me of that article you wrote about doing things you don't really like to do but know it needs to get done.

For me, working with buyers hasn't always been the most exciting part of the business. I really enjoy working more with sellers, putting deals together and the thrill of the hunt. Though, I know the buyers side is definitely part of the business and needs to get done, too! :)

(Anonymous) Oh, I'm glad you like it. That's great you found the site through a tweet, very cool. Thanks for visiting!