Thursday, December 23, 2010

Special Holiday Video

As we all know, Christmas is a time for giving. So, today I want to share with you my recommended holiday gift list for that special real estate investor in your life. Check out the video to find out more, thanks for watching!

VIdeo Link

Links Mentioned in the Video;

Shae Bynes, Good Faith Investing
(Note: My book review of "Financial Freedom GPS").

Steph Davis, Flip This Wholesaler
(Note: Steph's book, "Flip This Reo").

Julie Broad, Rev N You
(Note: Julie's coaching programs and courses).

Joshua Dorkin, BiggerPockets
(Note: BiggerPockets Benefits of Membership and Site Tour)

(Note: In observance of the holiday season, the blog will be on hiatus next week. Happy Holidays!)

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Joshua Dorkin said...

Rachel - Thanks for the awesome plug and for letting your users know how to use and support our fantastic community at! I really appreciate it! See you over at the site.

Happy Holidays!


Shae Bynes said...

Rachel, I'm honored to be included in your recommended gift list! Thank you so very much! I wish you a VERY merry Christmas and look forward to witnessing your successes in 2011! It's truly been a pleasure getting to know you better over this past year.

Mobile Home Gurl said...

(Josh) Sure thing Josh, I'm always happy to help spread the word about BiggerPockets, go BP! :) Thanks for stopping by, happy holidays to you too!

(Shae) Most definitely, Shae! I've really enjoyed getting to know you better this past year too. It's been fun swapping stories even though mine may sometimes tend to have a lot of drama. ;) Merry Christmas to you and your family, here's to 2011! :)

Julie Broad said...

WOW Rachel - I am so touched by this!! Thank you so much! I have to say though that I was starting to feel old being around for so long!! haha!! But I did start young ... hahaha!! You are so awesome. Thank you for this. Have a great Christmas! Let's rock and roll in 2011.

By the way - couldn't agree more with your recommendations either!!! Awesome resources.

Mobile Home Gurl said...

Hey Julie, I'm glad you enjoyed the video! :)

Oh, you're so funny about feeling old, guess it's just the length of time being in this business despite starting out at a young age. Sometimes I also have that "been there, done that" feeling whenever I hear others discuss various REI strategies. But, I guess there's always something new to experience in this business - never a dull moment, that's for sure! (lol!)

Yes, most defiintely - these are all awesome resources and great folks. I think what's really important for a lot out there is feeling a sense of community and being able to get support. And, I can definitely see it in these resources!

Merry Christmas to you too, looking forward to 2011! :)