Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Terminology Tuesday - Assembling/Disassembling A Storage Shed

(Note: I think it's important to know the terminology and words used when learning any new business including mobile home investing. I came up with 'Terminology Tuesday' as a way to go over the terminology used in the mobile home business. It's important to know the terminology when talking to people in the business so you're all on the same page).

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When out looking at mobile homes, there are times when I have found homes to buy but need to move them. Usually, the main reason I move them are due to location (i.e. less desirable park, out on piece of land, etc).

Right now, I'm working a deal on a mobile home that I need to move - it's in a lower end park. And, I'm planning to move it into a nicer park. I've already checked out the new lot (i.e. electricity, plumbing, size, etc) - the park I'm moving the home to has agreed to pay for my moving costs, which definitely helps.

In any case, in going over the logistics of moving the home - there are a couple of other things I needed to consider in the move. One of them being the outdoor storage shed. Here's a pic:

(Note: When out looking at mobile homes in parks, it's fairly common to see these types of outdoor storage sheds alongside the homes. Sometimes they will be owned by the homeowner yet other times they will be owned by the park. It's always a good idea to ask who owns the storage shed (if any) when looking at and viewing mobile homes).

In determining the logistics of moving the outdoor storage shed, I asked my handyman what he thought it would involve to disassemble and re-assemble the shed at the new location. He told me it would be much more time and cost effective to ask the mover to move the entire shed "as-is" and not disassemble the shed as this would be extremely laborious as there are many bolts and screws on the shed itself. Here's a pic of the back so you can see:

So after getting his opinion, I decided to just have the mover move the shed "as-is" so to save on time. We are trying to get the home moved out as soon as possible to the new location.

When moving mobile homes, there are other things to consider for the move besides the home itself. A few items to consider include the storage shed (if any), porch/deck (need to figure in cost to assemble/re-assemble), skirting (removal and replacement), outside air conditioning unit (usually disconnected by a/c contractor and re-connected at new location), etc.

All in all, it's best to figure in the time and costs necessary to take care of these added items beforehand. That is why it's best to have a team lined up. Honestly, I can say - having good team players has definitely been key to success in this business.

I hope this "Terminology Tuesday" post has been helpful and has given you some useful information to use.

(Note: The blog will be on hiatus through next week. I've been a bit tied up with other deals and projects but will be back soon. Stay tuned, thanks for reading!)

Happy investing!

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Marvin Mills said...

I'm seriously considering to have a mobile home and I'm just weighing out some options. It's really cool to be building your own house, as there are challenging stuff and rewarding benefits. Now that you mentioned it, maybe I should also start looking out for options when it comes to owning a storage shed.