Sunday, April 15, 2007

Negotiating and Making Offers

So, I made a few offers this weekend. It's funny as I didn't even think these sellers would even consider my offer. Know what I learned? Most times, the most important thing is not always price but TRUST. People want to work with people they like and know they can TRUST. With my knowledge that I gained from my network, I laid it out there with these sellers this weekend. Told them how it is, what's going to be involved, and gave them options. I played it like I don't really need to buy which is true because last thing I want to be is a motivated buyer. I will only buy at the right price, I don't need to buy. They may need to sell or not sell. It's up to them. But, I can only offer my best price and stick to that price as long as it makes financial sense. Well, guess what? These sellers appreciated my honesty. They actually WANTED to work with me. One seller, I even told him he may be able to get a higher price with someone else than with me. But, he actually accepted my verbal offer. Now, I'm just waiting for him to find a new home to replace the old home with. Wow, I guess reverse psychology really works! In any case, I learned that not everything has to be hard. It's all very simple. The harder I work and more effort I put on a deal, the harder it is. On the other hand, when I put less effort into trying to make a deal work, the easier things get. Now, I've got something to compare to with some of these other sellers calling me. All of a sudden, I'm calling the shots - not the other way around. One thing I've learned being in the business world, you gotta learn to play on your own court and call the shots. Truly, that's how people become successful and make those killer deals we all hear about.

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