Monday, April 28, 2008

Knowledge is Power

"Knowledge is power."

This phrase rings so true. I feel the need to comment on it because I had a situation with a prospective buyer where I had to use my knowledge to help them make an informed decision. Basically, this buyer really liked the home but was a bit concerned about the structure of mobile homes with regards to rain and moisture.

So, I educated the buyer on what I knew about mobile homes - how you need to make sure the gutters around the home near the roof are working properly and re-routing the water away from the home and not damaging the side of the home. I pointed out the gutters on the home to the buyer and then pointed across the street to another home that did not have any gutters around the side of the home. Clearly, the water on that home is not being re-routed and could be a problem in the future.

Additionally, the buyer asked about siding and the possibility of water and moisture seaping in. I informed the buyer based on what I knew that usually happens with hardiplank (wood) siding if the gutters are not working properly, or even worse - no gutters at all. If water runs off the side of the home onto the hardiplank board, then yes - it will cause moisture on the boards and possibly even into the home. If this happens, I informed the buyer it's just a matter of replacing the boards with moisture and making sure the gutters are working properly to re-route any rain or water.

Then, I took it a step further to educate them about aluminum siding and it not having this issue as water just runs off the side since it is made out of aluminum. Though, it is always a good idea to make sure the gutters are in place, working properly, and water is being re-routed away from the home.

After educating the buyer and being there to answer any questions and concerns, the buyer appreciated me taking the time to inform, educate and share my knowledge.

So, what happened? The buyer felt comfortable with the home and decided to proceed with the application process.

Education is so important. I make it a point to continually educate myself and be a lifelong student. If I do not know the answer to a question or unfamiliar with a particular area of expertise, then I go out and find someone who does. I am always learning from the experiences of others as well as my own experiences.

Knowledge is power and that power is leverage. Leverage allows you to accelerate and move ahead faster than people who do not have the knowledge.

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