Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mobile Home Conference

I recently attended my 2nd mobile home conference. It was pretty neat to see some familiar faces and meet some new people in the business. I did learn a few things the second time around.

Looking back a year ago when I attended my first conference, it was very overwhelming and exciting with the amount of information I had learned. This year, I felt more relaxed and found it easier to understand concepts that were above my head the first time around.

What I've learned after talking to people who are actively investing and learning various investing avenues, is to keep the big picture in mind. In reality, the whole point of investing and creating a passive income for me is to free up my time to be able to do other things. I definitely do not want another J.O.B.

So, in talking with a couple fellow investors I have come to find an investment vehicle that will allow me to have a life without much involvement from my end - mobile homes. When I first started investing in real estate, I think my goals were so big that it was so hard to attain and keep my involvement at at minimum.

Honestly, I like keeping my operation small. It gives me complete control. I know a fellow investor who runs a pretty big operation with a portfolio of a couple 100 unit apt buildings, mobile home and RV parks. Every time I see this investor, he's always so stressed out and seems to never have time to do anything except work. Managing larger portfolios involves managing more units and more people. I really do not want to have that kind of life where I am working all the time and have no time to do other things. Its just not for me.

At the conference, I saw another fellow investor who started out doing these small mobile home deals. He did 45 of them until he finally quit his job. Recently, he just finished a turn around mobile home park project - 185 spaces. He had to move his family out of state, live near the park, and it took 3 years of his life. After talking with him again this year, he told me what he missed about doing the small mobile home deals was the time he had once after he put the deal together. He could move on to the next deal and the passive income came in without him being there.

He gave me some good advice and told me if I'm happy doing the small mobile home deals and they are allowing me to free up my time to do other things, just to continue with that and build up passive income with each deal.

Another one of my fellow investors told me that he went back to investing in single family homes in nice areas because he just did not enjoy managing apt units. He told me the biggest issue for him when he owned his apt building was not having the time to do other things. He was constantly receiving calls about the units needing this and that - it was a headache.

All in all, I've decided to continue investing in mobile homes and just building up passive income. Maybe someday I will look into other investment vehicles. Or, maybe I will just sit back, relax, and enjoy the time I have created by investing in mobile homes.

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