Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Here's the latest deal. I had a whirlwind of drama with this one. We closed on the home but the seller needed some time after the closing to move out. So, I had to use my gut on this one - paid a portion of the funds to the seller at closing and the rest upon move out.

Here's the problem. The seller's car had some issues - it would not start. So, we had to wait a few days for the part. The part came in and the car still wouldn't start. The seller was stressed and told me he couldn't leave without his car. Told me he would have to have a mechanic take a look so it would be a few more days.

At this point, I was getting at the end of my patience. The seller had already breached the agreement - it had already been a couple days after he was supposed to vacate. So, what did I do? I told the seller the park manager was going to file for eviction soon if he did not leave. (By the way, I got the ok from the park manager to be the "bad guy" - he was cool with it).

So, the seller was in a panic. He called up one of his buddies who loaned him a truck. Then, we had one more snag - his cat. The seller was planning to go to a hotel, but asked me how about the cat? Where would his cat stay? The cat may not be allowed to stay in the hotel. None of his family or friends would allow the cat to stay with them. He told me he couldn't leave without his cat not having a place to stay.

Ok, I was at my wits end with this deal - I knew I needed to have the seller vacate asap. I looked into a few "pet resorts," they call them here where you can leave pets overnight. They were booked up. Called a few animal hospitals - they only accommodated existing clients.

I dialed and dialed and dialed. Finally, I found a veterinary clinic. Talked to them - they told me usually they only accept existing clients for boarding overnight. I used my last breath of energy on them, "Well, I could be a potential client." They accepted and I made a reservation for the seller's cat for overnight lodging. Cost the seller $9 per night, but that was good enough. Both the seller and the cat now had a place to stay - they vacated that day. Problem solved, case closed.

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