Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Today, I went to meet the electrician at one of the trailers to check out the wiring. To my surprise, all of the window units were gone! In addition, the outside a/c unit was also gone. I knew who it was, I just couldn't prove it. You see, the owner of the trailer who sold the house to the seller (who in turn sold to me) told me the owner gave her all those a/c units. And, before we closed she told me he would also take out the outside a/c unit since it was no longer working. So, it's a surprise that the outside a/c unit and all the window units are gone? Problem is, I can't prove it was him. I tried calling him but to my surprise - he can't receive incoming phone calls! He has a few trailers in the same park as well and it's just a coincidence that one of his he's working on now just so happens to have a new window unit sitting outside. Ugh!

So, I called the park manager and told him I was really mad. The park manager apologized and told me he will look into it and let the maintenance man know to keep an eye out. He suggested I could file a police report but I'm not sure what good that will do since they are already gone.

At this point, I learned a valuable lesson. Secure the house and all it's belongings at all costs. Though there are also window units in this park, anyone at any time can come around and pull it out of the window - that's what happened in this case. This is a lesson learned - a lesson I won't forget.

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