Friday, May 14, 2010

Movie Pick: Duplex

Since it's Friday, I thought I'd keep it light and share with everyone another funny and entertaining real estate related movie, "Duplex."

Here's a scene from my favorite part of the movie:

Video Link


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Video Link


Scott Costello said...

Great movie! In the condo complex my wife and I live in we came across this old lady that my wife felt so sorry for. I couldn't help but think of this movie. funny enough this old lady turned out to be very similar. I warned my wife but she didn't listen and has paid for it! hahahaha

Mobile Home Gurl said...

What a funny story, Scott! Maybe this film was based on a true story, too!

I can only imagine the antics you and your wife went through, maybe to make for another funny movie! (lol!)

Thanks for sharing and for stopping by!