Friday, May 21, 2010

Video: Seinfeld Definition of "Interest"

Since it's Friday, I thought I'd keep it light and share with everyone one of my favorite and very relatable quotes from one of my favorite television shows, Seinfeld.

This one is from the episode titled, "The Junior Mint."

Here, George describes the meaning of the word "interest" from his point of view. Enjoy!

(Note: Sorry it's a little blurry and hard to hear, it's the only clip I could find. So, I've written out part of the script below the video. Thanks!).

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"George: Oh my God, I forgot to tell you. I got a letter today from the State Controller's Office. Y'know when I was going to public school back in Brooklyn, every week I used to put fifty cents in the Lincoln Savings Bank.

Jerry: Yeah, I did that too.

George: You remember the, the little bank book, there?

Jerry: Sure.

George: Alright, so I haven't put anything in it since sixth grade, I completely forgot about it. The State Controller's Office tracks me down. The interest has accumulated to 1900 dollars. 1900 dollars! They're sending me a cheque!

Jerry: Wow!

George: Yeah, interest. It's an amazing thing. You make money without doing anything...

Jerry: Y'know I have friends who try to base their whole life on that principle.

George: Really? Who?

Jerry: Nobody you know..."

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