Friday, May 7, 2010

Video: "The Landlord" Movie

Since it's Friday, I thought I'd keep it light and share with everyone this real estate related video trailer for the movie, "The Landlord." Enjoy!

"The Landlord is an independently produced horror/comedy film about the young owner of a demon-haunted apartment building, who must continually find new tenants to replace the ones who get devoured. It is playing at film festivals in the US and Europe in Fall 2009, and will be available in stores, online, and through NetFlix in Jan/Feb 2010.

Finding tenants has never been a problem for Tyler, though he does have trouble keeping them alive to pay rent. No matter how nicely Tyler asks the demons not to eat the renters (or to at least wait a month or two), they never listen. But all that might change when Tyler takes a liking to the newest tenant, a desperate young woman running from monsters of her own."

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